“Among the bourgeoisie, you’ll find more forgiveness for the murderer who takes a life from the human community than for the thief who […] simply changes the place and ownership of things.”

— written in 1906 by Italian anarchist Luigi Fabbri, still shockingly relevant to the murder of Michael Brown over 100 years later (via marxvx)

not actually relevant to the michael brown case in any way since he didnt steal anything at all and the robbery connection was a lie the police made up afterward

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Drawing on a screen is as much fun as it sounds.

it sounds fun as heck is this the intended interpretation

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PUSSY LABYRINTH seems like it would be a good band name but then you realize that it is a sad reality for all ducks

its not sad at all it’s meant to allow the duck female to control which partner fertilizes her because ducks are terrifyingly rapecrazy to the point actual evolutionary developments occurred based on it

well it’s sad but not for the rapist navigating the labyrinth, it’s sad for the labyrinth’s owner

more rapists should be made to navigate labyrinths tbqh

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